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Blend: 20% Arabica - 80% Robusta



Tribute to the city where espresso became a legend, Napoli is a coffee obtained mostly from the use of Robusta, which is characterised by its dark roast and deep body.


Inspired by the liveliness of the Neapolitan spirit, Napoli is a strong coffee, with a very persistent taste, mellow with notes of chocolate and spices, ideal for those who love flavours with character.


Giving this particular personality to the blend is the Indian Cherry origin, a coffee processed according to the natural method, which combines the body of Robusta with a multifaceted organoleptic profile. The special quality of this origin, recognised as one of the best Robustas in the world, is the result of the extreme care taken in the growing, harvesting and initial processing, which guarantees the selection of only perfect beans.

Napoli 8 Boxes (128 capsules) Exp date 2025


    Description: A blend mostly made up of Robusta, with a very persistent, mellow flavour with notes of chocolate and spices. A perfect synthesis of body and aromatic richness thanks to the presence of the India Cherry origin. 

    Blend: 20% Arabica - 80% Robusta

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