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Free Bialetti Coffee Machine Promotion


Bialetti coffee machine Singapore

Compact with Italian design flair

Small, modern design with chrome finishes and soft lines. It is less than 30cm deep to fit perfectly in any area. Thanks to the new quality sensor that recognizes the aluminum capsules, it guarantees a state-of-the-art espresso, hot from the first brewing.

Easy single-button function to select exactly the length of coffee you prefer, every time.

Receive your FREE Bialetti coffee machine when you purchase 2 cartons of Bialetti capsules!

2 cartons = 256 capsules = $128

Delivery in Singapore free of charge. Receive your order within 3 days.

Contact us to make your selection & receive your machine

Note: Bialetti machines can ONLY be used with original Bialetti capsules.

Bialetti Coffee Capsules in Singapore

Best Italian coffee Singapore

A self-protected aluminium capsule, which preserves all the aromas of the blend for a long time.


Seven grams of pure ground coffee, the ideal dose for real Italian espresso.


A proposal designed to be 100% recyclable, which combines the pleasure of espresso with respect for the environment.


Bialetti coffee capsule in Singapore
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