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FREE Bialetti Coffee Machine Promotion

Promotion valid for orders placed by 31 August 2022

Usual price over $1,000. FREE now for a limited time!

Bialetti Area coffee machine

Italian Coffee Machine Perfect for Office

  • Make up to 8 types of beverages, including frothy cappuccinos!

  • 100% Recyclable aluminium capsules

  • Requires only one 3-pin socket to function

  • Easy low maintenance machine

  • Free delivery islandwide within 2 business days

Video press play!

Bialetti coffee machine Singapore



Dimensions: 280 x 380 x 480 mm

Weight: approx. 9 kg

Water tank capacity: 4 liters

Used capsule drawer capacity: 50 capsules

Touch screen: 8 types of beverages

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Italian coffee tasting in Singapore

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Note: Bialetti machines can ONLY be used with original Bialetti capsules.

Bialetti Coffee Capsules in Singapore

Best Italian coffee Singapore

A self-protected aluminium capsule, which preserves all the aromas of the blend for a long time.


Seven grams of pure ground coffee, the ideal dose for real Italian espresso.


A proposal designed to be 100% recyclable, which combines the pleasure of espresso with respect for the environment.


Bialetti coffee capsule in Singapore
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