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Who is the little man with the moustache?

Have you ever wondered who the little man in the moustache is in Bialetti's iconic logo?

When Renato Bialetti takes the reins of the company, a new injection of creative energy and farsightedness marks new milestones.

The enlightened entrepreneur transforms the workshop into a company with grand ambitions, turns his own surname into a brand beloved by the general public, and makes the moka famous around the world.

A brilliant intuition is a fundamental part of success. Renato Bialetti understands the importance of offering, along with the product, a feeling.

Paul Campani

The little man with the moustache, a fantastic caricature of the entrepreneur himself, was born from the hand of Paul Campani.

A graphic invention that has become legendary. A pop icon that starred in the famous ads on Carosello in the 1950s and 1960s, underlined by the unforgettable slogan “Eh si, si, si… sembra facile!” (“Oh, yes, yes, yes... it looks easy!”).

The little man with the moustache is a timeless, ironic, funny character with charming charisma, who has entertained and amused generations and still today is the star of communications.

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