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What is Bialetti coffee?

Learn more about the Bialetti Method... from selection to roasting.

Bialetti roasted Italian coffee in Singapore


The Excellence of Italian Espresso

Thanks to our profound expertise in the world of coffee and as experts in the Italian ritual par excellence, we at Bialetti are extending our range, becoming a real coffee roasting company.

In every city across the Bel Paese the coffee ritual is an expression of different traditions and techniques, which makes the experience of tasting espresso in each of the main cities unique.

We at Bialetti wanted to showcase this extraordinary heritage by creating the Caffè  d’Italia capsules, a sensory journey from north to south, which celebrates the differences in habits and in taste from the north to the south.

Italian coffee in Singapore


The Italian Coffee Ritual in Every Corner of the World

As undisputed leaders in Italy and around the world in the preparation of coffee, today, we at Bialetti are extending the ultimate Italian ritual to the world of the bar and the restaurant, in the principal international markets.

From the selection of the best coffees and the craftsmanlike care of the production process is born a line of blends specifically for professional use. An array of highly balanced and refined blends, which retrace the aromas and flavours most beloved in Italy’s main cities.


Bialetti coffee in Singapore

Thanks to the innovative vitality of our founder and to our experience that, propelled by the same momentum, has stretched for over 100 years, we at Bialetti have perfected our own particular method, to create blends that offer a perfect balance.

A work process that begins with the selection of the best beans and with state-of-the-art blending, ending with the customised roasting of each single batch, to guarantee you get the highest quality product and all the harmony of the aromatic bouquet typical of real Italian espresso.

Mountain beans selection for Italian coffee


In choosing our coffees, we favour the use of beans grown on plantations located in tropical areas at high altitude, over 1,000 metres above sea level.

Up there, due to the significant temperature shifts, the coffee ripens more slowly and thanks to this it develops a characteristic fine and elegant aroma.

Mountain beans for Italian coffee

Coffee beans in Singapore


Size is essential for perfect roasting

Mountain coffees are the most highly prized raw material, due in part to the large size of the beans.

Size is essential for perfect roasting. Large grains from the same batch allow us to achieve uniform roasting, essential for ensuring an intense and homogeneous aroma.

Best coffee beans in Singapore


The first selection of the beans takes place before purchase.

We subject a sample of each individual batch to a thorough analysis, which evaluates the beans according to size, colour, perfume, and humidity. After roasting the sample, we carry out the tasting and the organoleptic assessments.

The second selection of the beans happens before the roasting.

Thanks to high-precision optical sorters, we check the beans one by one, eliminating those that are not at the right level of ripeness, are ruined or fermented. We only roast perfect beans.

The third selection for wholeness is carried out on already roasted beans.

With the use of a special filter we discard the fragments and the beans that have been damaged. We blend and package only perfectly intact beans.

Best coffee blending in Singapore


We believe that the composition of the blend is the key step, to obtain a coffee that has an aroma and a flavour that is harmonious and balanced, constant over time.

It’s an almost artistic component of our method. Thanks to a special awareness, which integrates competence and methodological rigour, we at Bialetti, like composers, choose and combine the different origins and aromatic notes, creating blends with perfect harmony and constancy.

Italian roasted coffee in Singapore


Roasting is the key moment of processing, when the coffee’s aroma develops that rich and enveloping aroma that gives you a preview of the taste.

To showcase the aroma, we opt for traditional roasting.

We use the “rotating drum” method, with the constant presence of a team of expert roasters dedicated to monitoring and continuously adjusting the entire roasting cycle.

The duration of the roasting has a determining role in defining the aroma. At Bialetti we apply a slow roasting method, in order to bring out the entire aromatic spectrum of each coffee.

It is a decisive period of time, in which the green beans are subject to a metamorphosis: they lose weight and moisture, change shape and colour and above all acquire the typical aroma of Italian espresso coffee, which has always been recognised around the world as our specialty.

Italian coffee supplier Singapore


The storage of the roasted beans before packaging is essential for the development of the oils that define the aroma of the coffee and the sensorial characteristics.

For each blend, we at Bialetti allow the coffee to rest in a suitable temperature-controlled environment, to encourage the release of the characteristic aromas of each blend.

Italian coffee in Singapore


The internal team of espresso sommeliers, professional tasters who have graduated from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, is the face of Bialetti quality.

The irreplaceable contribution of espresso sommeliers is expressed in two fundamental moments.

The check of the incoming green beans where the quality of the raw material and the organoleptic characteristics are verified (acidity, bitterness, sweetness, ...)

The tasting of the espresso in the laboratory that verifies the final result in the cup. Beyond these official moments, the Bialetti espresso sommeliers constantly monitor the processing and are the reference point for the entire team.

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