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High quality coffee roasted in Italy at only $0.50 per capsule

Bialetti coffee machine Singapore

NEW machine now available with advanced cappuccino maker. Contact us to learn more

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About Bialetti

Founded in the year 1919, Bialetti is an industrial leader in Italy and one of the major players in the international markets. The Group operates in the production of houseware products, especially in the market for coffee-making products such as coffee makers, electric espresso coffee machines, coffee beans, ground coffee and a line of coffee in capsules. offers customers in Singapore a complete collection of Bialetti coffee machines, coffee beans and coffee in capsules roasted in Italy... coupled with distinguished Italian design flair and attractive prices. Click here to browse the collection.   

Bialetti coffee in Singapore

Alfonso Bialetti invented the iconic Moka pot in 1933. 

With its Art Deco design, the Moka pot revolutionized the way coffee is made at home. Click here to learn who the man in our logo is >>

About Bialetti


Learn more about the rigorous Bialetti Method that makes our coffee so tasty...

Bialetti coffee in Singapore
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Inspired by the thousand faces of Italy, a mosaic of identity that from the Renaissance to today is the wellspring of a special widespread creativity and of a multifaceted gastronomic culture, we retraced the many tastes and different habits that revolve around Italian espresso in the various geographical areas.


Milan, Venice, Rome and Naples.

Four capitals of taste. Four different ways of understanding coffee, which we at Bialetti, standard bearers of Made in Italy excellence, proudly carry around the world.


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